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30th Wedding Anniversary: the Pearl Anniversary July 15 2017, 0 Comments


Pearls are the traditional gift for the 30th wedding anniversary.   They are also the modern gift for 3rd and 12th wedding anniversaries.  With our affordable pearl designs, you can now gift them for every anniversary!

30 Pearls for 30 Years

Since we make our products locally, we can design a pearl necklace or bracelet for you with a pearl representing every year you are married.  For example, this stunning baroque pearl single strand necklace contains 31 pearls, one for every year of your marriage and an extra one to represent future bliss in the upcoming year!

Tahitian Black Pearls: Explore Her Dark Side

After 30 years of marriage, she may already have a number of white pearls.  Why not explore her more mysterious side with some alluring black pearls?  Made from the cleanest water in the world by the black-lipped oyster, Tahitian black saltwater pearls are rare & exotic, perfect for making your 30th anniversary the most memorable of all!  We can even make earrings to match.

For more information about the illustrious black pearl, check out this video:


Renew Your Vows for 30 More Years

Pearls represent love, wisdom, and purity, so why not use that loving energy to renew your vows with the love of your life?  They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but adding in pearls will entice her to continue to be your best friend.  Propose to her all over again with this gorgeous saltwater Akoya pearl & diamond ring.  

Still not sure what to get?  Contact usChicago showroom!  Bring in a photo of her, along with information on her dress size, ring size, etc. and we can custom design a special piece that will encompass the uniqueness & everlasting love of your relationship!

Think Pink! How to Wear Pink Pearl Jewelry for Empowerment July 12 2017, 1 Comment

Pink Pearl Jewelry

Most people are familiar with white pearl jewelry, but may have not yet discovered the unique & utterly delightful phenomenon of pink pearl jewelry.  Naturally pink freshwater cultured pearls are created primarily in the region of the mussel close to it's hinge, which typically features more cream and pink hues.  

Why Pink Pearls?

Pink pearls promote women's empowerment.  As we women know all too well, women are often criticized in the workplace for the same behaviors that men are praised for.  Professional working women, especially those in positions of power, are often accused of being "bossy" or "too aggressive" while their male counterparts are described as "assertive" or "decisive."  Pink pearls can help!  

At Bourdage Pearl Jewelry, we have a saying: "No one can be mean to you when you're wearing pink pearls!" When you've got an important presentation or meeting coming up, pink pearls have got you covered.  A multi-strand statement pearl necklace in natural hues of pink will subtly draw everyone's attention to you and help "soften the blow" of your intelligent decisions and well-prepared remarks.  


Additionally, pink pearls are magic for your complexion!  They pick up & enhance your skin tone, giving your skin a natural glow.  

Think pink & try natural pink pearls today!  Be as assertive as you want while maintaining your femininity.  Your skin & career will thank you, and you feel effortlessly sophisticated & sensual.   

Having a hard time deciding what piece of jewelry would work best for your wardrobe? We can help!  Contact us today for a free consultation at or give us a call at (773) 244-1126.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Timeless Classic: the Single Strand Pearl Choker Necklace July 11 2017, 0 Comments

Imagine you have an important meeting at work.  A first date.  Your best friend's wedding.  And you have nothing to wear!  When your whole closet is on the bed and you're feeling a bit panicked, don't stress!  Simply throw on a single strand pearl necklace and the rest will take care of itself.  Easily dress to impress and look your best with this timeless classic.  Take a glance at the glamorous girls, elegant ladies, and put-together powerhouses below to see how you could wear your everyday go-to necklace. 



Look effortlessly gorgeous like Marilyn Monroe with this classic single strand pearl choker.  Perfect as a graduation or birthday present for the young lady in your life who's ready to strike out on her own. Project confidence at job interviews or look chic as a bridal attendant.





Scarlett Johansen is ready to smile for the cameras!  A slightly longer version of the classic single strand choker frames the face and neck for picture-perfect preparedness at all times.  





Big. Bold. Baroque:  Oprah Winfrey looks radiant and in-charge with this baroque variation of the classic single strand.  Perfect for the up-and-coming businesswomen looking to climb her way up the corporate ladder, or for the established boardroom boss.  Everyone will know you're in charge with this bold baroque necklace!


FLOTUS approved:  Michelle Obama knows nothing says "first lady" like a lovely strand of white pearls.  Be assertive and show off your neck line with this 20" long classic.


Four Reasons Why Pearls are the Must-Have Wedding Accessory June 27 2017, 1 Comment

Pearls are a timeless accessory fit for any occasion, especially for the occasion of all occasions: your wedding day! And according to Vogue, pearls are taking center stage for the summer 2016 season as the “it” piece of wedding jewelry.

Here are the top four reasons why pearls are perfect for any wedding wardrobe:   

  1. Pearls offer unmatched versatility. Pearls can provide a subtle accent with a single strand necklace and tasteful studs. For bolder brides, layered strands or colored hues can make a major statement. Whether the look is classic or modern, pearl jewelry is available in a variety of styles.
  2. Pearls are available at all price ranges. These beauties can make a budget bride look like a million dollars, and at the same time, authentic pearls will never cheapen a look. With pearls, it’s feasible to afford the whole get-up: necklaces, earrings and even a bracelet. You can even dress your entire bridal party in pearls without breaking the bank.
  3. Pearls are perfect for your wedding day and every day. If you wear your wedding dress to work, you may get some odd looks. Your wedding pearls, on the other hand, can instantly class up a work outfit on a regular Tuesday. If you’re not one to wear pearls casually, your pearls can make an annual reappearance on your anniversary, reminding both you and your husband of that special day.  
  4. Pearls have heirloom potential. In 1983, your mother may have looked flawless in her iconic, Madonna-inspired wedding dress, but that’s hardly en vogue these days. If she wore pearls that day, chances are they would still complement any wedding dress in 2013. If she didn’t, now is the time to start a tradition that can be upheld for your daughter’s and even granddaughter’s weddings.

To help find the perfect pearls for your big day, stop by Bourdage Pearls in Chicago!

Foolproof Guide for Picking Jewelry for A Working Woman March 15 2017, 0 Comments

Be your wife's superhero with the power of pearls!  All women LOVE to receive jewelry from their husbands, and pearl jewelry is especially classic & timeless.  But what kind of pearl jewelry should you get for her?  What kind of jewelry would support her wardrobe & career needs?  Fear not, for Bourdage Pearls is here to help you sift through the different pearl jewelry styles to make sure you pick the right piece for your sweetheart.  Check out the following list, and she'll be showering you with affection & praise in no time (and don't worry, we have an unlimited exchange program, so she could always come in and pick something else, hassle free).


My Wife is a...

1. Attorney, Financier, or Accountant

She needs:

  • To look put-together, respectful, and confident
  • A strong, unique piece of jewelry to help make the right impression  

We recommend Tahitian black pearls:  

  • Rare & exquisite: the only naturally black pearls in the world
  • Made in the cleanest water in the world near Tahiti by the black-lipped oyster
  • Feel like a pirate and give her the booty she deserves
  • Help her channel the power of pure, clean water to ride the wave to success!


2. Politician, Keynote Speaker, or Public Figure

She needs:

  • To live up to the needs & expectations of her constituents or audiences
  • To withstand intense pressure & scrutiny from the public
  • A strong set of jewelry to carry her through the day 

We recommend large baroque pearls

  • Historically natural shape of pearls
  • Big, bold, and authentic, perfect for the politician aspiring to higher office.  
  • Also an excellent choice keynote speakers and other professional women who make frequent speeches and presentations.  
  • Show your wife you will always be there by her side, supporting her dreams & aspirations!


3. Manager, Administrator, or Director

She needs:

  • To look in-charge & authoritative
  • A subtle yet effective statement piece of jewelry to enhance her authority

We recommend pink pearls:  

  • Enhance her natural skin glow & subtly ensure all eyes on her
  • Sophisticated & sensual statement jewelry to promote her prowess without subduing her femininity
  • Show her that you know who's boss (she is), and you'll be "wearing the pants" around the house again in no time!

4. "Jill of All Trades"

Professional Woman Who Does a Bit of Everything, Graduate, or Entrepeneur

She needs:

  • Versatility
  • A classic & timeless piece of jewelry appropriate for any situation life throws at her

We recommend the Opera Strand

  • Can be worn in multiple ways: long single strand, clipped shorter for a pendant effect, or looped to form a double strand
  • Can even be worn over her shoulder with a low-back dress for extra drama
  • Equally appropriate for business casual lunches, formal engagements, boardroom meetings, and date night with you
  • Every time she wears it, she will think of you & how you are always there for her! 

Still not sure what to get?  Contact us here to set up a free consultation!


How to Pick the Right Jewelry for Your Professional Wardrobe August 23 2016, 0 Comments

You're a highly educated, self-motivated woman.  You're on the fast-track to the top as an attorney, politician, manager.  You've got the power suit, power pumps, power purse.  Now it's time for the Power Pearls!  Raise your professional wardrobe to the next level with this classic, timeless, and eco-chic jewelry.  Subtly draw everyone's attention and let them know who's in charge as you confidently climb the career ladder.  

But which pearl jewelry is right for you and your career needs?  Bourdage Pearls is here to help!  Check out the following list for ideas & recommendations about what jewelry styles will effortlessly enhance your look and help boost you straight to the top.

Attorneys, Financiers, Accountants

You need to look put together, respectful, and confident.  You need a strong, unique piece of jewelry help make the right impression.  We recommend Tahitian Black Pearls.  This rare & exquisite gem is sure impress while making you feel your best, helping you to exude confidence & control.  These naturally black pearls come from the black-lipped oyster in the waters near Tahiti, the cleanest water in the world.  Channel the power of pure, clean water and ride the wave to success.

Politicians, Keynote Speakers

As a politician, you live under intense pressure and scrutiny from the public, and strive to live up to their needs and expectations on a daily basis.  You need a strong set of jewelry to carry you through the day and show the resolve of your values & principles.  We recommend large baroque pearls.  Baroque pearls are the historically natural shape of pearls, back before the modern day techniques of pearl culturing were developed.  Baroque pearls are big, bold, and authentic, perfect for the politician aspiring to higher office.  Baroque pearls are also an excellent choice keynote speakers and other professional women who make frequent speeches and presentations.

Managers, Administrators, Directors

You've worked hard to get to where you are today, and you're not going to let any glass ceilings slow you down!  For managers and professional women who often find themselves in boardroom meetings, we recommend pink pearls.  These naturally pink freshwater cultured pearls make a subtle, sophisticated statement, enhancing your natural skin glow and ensuring all eyes are on you.  Deliver presentations and discuss new strategies with authority while still maintaining your femininity.  

Jill of All Trades

For the professional woman who has done a bit of everything or the graduate about to strike out on her own, you can't go wrong with an Opera Strand.  This incredibly versatile necklace can be worn as a long single strand, clipped shorter for a pendant effect, or looped to form a double strand.  Wearing a low-backed dress to a formal dinner?  Drape this necklace over your shoulder & down your back for a dramatic, eye-catching allure.  Equally appropriate for business casual lunches or date night with the hubby, this opera strand necklace will support you and all of your career needs with effortless grace.  

Still not sure how to best meet your wardrobe and career needs?  Contact us here to set up a free consultation!


Add-A-Pearl Gifts August 06 2016, 0 Comments


For many centuries pearls have been the rarest, most expensive type of jewelry, available only to the upper class & royalty.  Famously, the Roman general Vitellius sold one of his mother's pearl earrings and was able to fund an entire military campaign.  Because of the exorbitant cost of pearls, the Add-a-Pearl tradition was started, allowing families to add-on just one pearl every year for their daughters' birthdays and other special occasions, rather than having to spend a large sum all at once. 
Fortunately, in the 1990s, high quality & affordable freshwater-cultured pearls came on the scene, making the add-a-pearl tradition available to all.  In fact, pearls are so affordable now, that you could even give your daughter or niece a whole new piece of jewelry every year!


How It Works



For necklaces, it is easy to start with a single pearl pendant necklace, such as the these ones.




Every year, you could then add one or two more pearls to the necklace, wire wrapping them to create a delightful dangling effect, or stringing them side by side.





This same principle can be easily applied to bracelets as well, starting with one pearl and adding pearls on, making the bracelet longer in length as she grows.





A perfect compliment to an Add-A-Pearl necklace or bracelet would be a gorgeous pair of classic round or button pearl earrings, available in both sterling silver and 14k Gold.




June Birthstone: Pearl June 09 2016, 1 Comment


Summer is finally here and June is busting out all over!  That means it's Pearl Girl Time.  Pearl is the birthstone for June, making pearl jewelry the perfect birthday gift for the junebug in your life.  Whether she likes to be pretty in pink, classic in white, or fun & colorful, Bourdage Pearls has the perfect gift for you!


Pearls: the "Queen of Gems"

Before the invention of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, pearls were so rare and expensive that only royalty could afford them.  While today's working professional woman can easily acquire a gorgeous statement pearl necklace for between $500-$5000, back in the days of the Roman Empire an entire military campaign could be financed from the sale of just one pearl earring (Nova).  Luckily, once the technology for culturing saltwater and freshwater pearls was developed, pearl jewelry became widely available to everyone while still retaining its sense of power, prestige, and class.  Make your June birthday girl feel like a queen with a necklace or pair of earrings today!  

Buy online at or visit us in store.


Pink Multi-Color Triple Strand Statement NecklacePink Pearl and Amazonite 14k Gold Station Necklace

AAA PEARL White Freshwater Button Pearl Stud Earrings


For more information about pearls, visit our pearl education page:

Eco-Friendly & Effortlessly Chic

Pearls are the only gems made from living creatures: freshwater mussels and saltwater oysters.  They promote good environmental stewardship, as the mussels and oysters can only survive in clean, un-polluted water.  Buy your girl pearls and take an important step towards supporting clean lakes and oceans today, so you can enjoy the beach all summer long for years to come!  


Feel the pure water energy wherever you go with your pearl jewelry.


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Graduation Gifts April 16 2016, 0 Comments



It’s that time of year when college graduates toss their caps to years of hard work and future endeavors.

There is still plenty of time to grab that perfect gift.  And, what perfect way to commemorate success for the “just-entering-the-workforce” woman, than with a memorable set of pearls that will stand the test of time and be cherished for years to come. Pearls are an eco-chic accessory that fit right in with the “go green” campaign of today’s generation. The pearl industry depends on clean water, as oysters can only produce pearls in the purest of waters. Ensuring our waters remain clean and clear is a win-win for both the pearl industry and future generations.

Bourdage Pearls specializes in high-quality freshwater pearls in many varieties and colors. From pearl studded earrings to a classic pearl necklace, Bourdage Pearls offers a wonderful selection for the deserving graduate. Graduation is such a milestone event, and with a timeless set of pearls, you are marking the occasion with a gift that is everlasting and meaningful.  They impress at interviews, too!.

Congratulate your graduate and celebrate their hard-earned accomplishments with a thoughtful, classy set of pearls!

Visit the Bourdage Pearls website at for a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. Like Bourdage Pearls on Facebook and receive $20 off a purchase of $100 or more.

The Basics of Pearl Button Earrings April 06 2016, 0 Comments



The pearl button earring is a classic, failsafe way to look elegant, smart and put together for any occasion.

Do it like European women and make sure your wardrobe includes at least one pair! 

For you guys out there who are looking for the perfect pair of earrings to buy for wives and girlfriends, let us reassure you that you cannot go wrong with a classic pair of creamy, classic and lustrous button earrings.

But before you go splashing out on her, make sure you know which sizes are available. Below is a helpful sizing guide so you can choose the perfect button! 



But for the woman who already has her classic whites, or for the lady who loves to go dark and glam when accessorizing, beautiful black buttons are the perfect gift. Angelina Jolie demonstrates beautifully how a matching necklace and button earring Tahitian pearl set looks chic and glamorous! 




For taller women, or those with wide eyes and luscious lips, you can go for the larger buttons such as these beauties. Again, Angelina Jolie (a huge fan of pearls!) shows us below how large button earrings subtly embellish a woman's features. Pearl button earrings don't need any other accessory to look great: they stand proud on their own!

Petite ladies will look gorgeous with slightly smaller sized studs such as this exquisite pair with 14K Gold backings. And sensitive ears will appreciate the 14K Gold! White pearl button earrings under 8mm are ideal for every day wear and are the most versatile. They can be given as a gift at graduation and then worn throughout her career, or even given at her baptism to last her a lifetime! 


Katie Holmes wearing 8mm pearl button earrings 
3 reasons why pearl button earrings are a fabulous gift:
1.  They can be worn with any outfit 
2.  They subtly brighten up skin tone and make you GLOW
3.  They make you feel classy and alluring

    Now go Button Up!