30th Anniversary Gift is Pearl!

30th Anniversary Gift

Pearls are the traditional gift for the 30th wedding anniversary.   They are also the modern gift for 3rd and 12th wedding anniversaries.  With our affordable pearl designs, you can now gift them for every anniversary!


30 Pearls for 30 Years

Since we make our products locally, we can design a pearl necklace or bracelet for you with a pearl representing every year you are married.  For example, this stunning baroque pearl single strand necklace contains 31 pearls, one for every year of your marriage and an extra one to represent future bliss in the upcoming year!

Tahitian Black Pearls: Explore Her Mysterious Side

After 30 years of marriage, she may already have a number of white pearls.  Why not explore her more mysterious side with some alluring black pearls?  Made from the cleanest water in the world by the black-lipped oyster, Tahitian black saltwater pearls are rare & exotic, perfect for making your 30th anniversary the most memorable of all!  We can even make earrings to match.


Renew Your Vows for 30 More Years

Pearls represent love, wisdom, and purity, so why not use that loving energy to renew your vows with the love of your life?  They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but adding in pearls will entice her to continue to be your best friend.  Propose to her all over again with a cultured pearl ring!

Still not sure what to get?  Visit us at our Chicago showroom!  Bring in a photo of her, along with information on her dress size, ring size, etc. and we can custom design a special piece that will encompass the uniqueness & everlasting love of your relationship!

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