Timeless Graduation Gift for Her: the Single Strand Pearl Choker Necklace

Imagine you have an important meeting at work.  A first date.  Your best friend's wedding.  And you have nothing to wear!  When your whole closet is on the bed and you're feeling a bit panicked, don't stress!  Simply throw on a single strand pearl choker necklace and the rest will take care of itself.  Easily dress to impress and look your best with this timeless classic.  Take a glance at the glamorous girls, elegant ladies, and put-together powerhouses below to see how you could wear your everyday go-to necklace. 



Look effortlessly gorgeous like Marilyn Monroe with this classic single strand pearl choker.  Perfect as a graduation or birthday present for the young lady in your life who's ready to strike out on her own. Project confidence at job interviews or look chic as a bridal attendant.





Scarlett Johansen is ready to smile for the cameras!  A slightly longer version of the classic single strand choker frames the face and neck for picture-perfect preparedness at all times.  





Big. Bold. Baroque:  Oprah Winfrey looks radiant and in-charge with this baroque variation of the classic single strand.  Perfect for the up-and-coming businesswomen looking to climb her way up the corporate ladder, or for the established boardroom boss.  Everyone will know you're in charge with this bold baroque necklace!




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