Fine Quality Pearl Jewelry Since 1998

Sherri Bourdage Bourdage Pearls Professional Pearl Jewelry 

Are you looking for amazing pearls? You can find some of the best cultured pearls in the world here at Bourdage Pearls. We can customize fine pearl designs for your everyday wardrobe, wedding or other special event at an affordable price.

Bourdage Pearls strives to provide the best quality pearls and personal service through a variety of designs for all women: professional women, brides, graduates and more. We believe in the power of the classic strand of pearls to support your formal and informal jewelry needs and pink pearls to bring out a subtle, sophisticated side.  We believe that men want to make their ladies feel smart, sensual and special & that they just want to feel appreciated.  We assist gift givers with selecting the right pearl jewelry for her size and style within their budget.  We also believe in the importance of clean water and supporting the environment through eco-chic jewelry.   

The pearl is a classic, timeless gem associated with purity, wisdom, and nurturing.  Our pearl jewelry empowers women to create their own pure image, to express their personal truths, and nurture their networks & connections.  We believe our customers are the nicest people in the world, who actively support each other & the earth by promoting clean water.

Bourdage Pearls was founded by Sherri Bourdage soon after she returned from Hong Kong on a business trip in 1998. This was the first time the "new generation" of high quality freshwater cultured pearls became available on the market.  She brought them back to the office, much to the delight of her colleagues, and soon realized that pearls were the "Woman's Tie."

As an international tax professional & advocate for renewable energy, Sherri understood the importance of dressing and accessorizing well at the office to reflect a professional image.  She knew that career-driven women want to look powerful, yet elegant & feminine, and wanted to help them invest in their corporate wardrobes with nature's purest gem: the Pearl.
"We are connected through water.  Our bodies, the planet are almost 80% water.  Pearls are a good way to connect with others that share the understanding that we need to power our planet with clean energy.  Our survival depends on it.  We must give gratitude to Mother Nature and treasure her gifts.  Pearls are a reminder of this while complementing your skin & looking great at work.  A win win gift."