Tips on Gifting Real Pearls as Professional Jewelry

Pearl jewelry often ends up being the most treasured heirloom in the family. It is classic & timeless & connects us through water energy.

But what kind of pearl jewelry should you get for her?

What does she do during the day that would make it appropriate for everyday wear?

Will it support her wardrobe & career needs?

Does she have a special occasion or a favorite "Power Suit"?

Does she like minimalistic or bold?

Is she endowed with a robust chest? If yes, go shorter.

Fear not, for Bourdage Pearls is here to help you sift through the different pearl jewelry styles to make sure you pick the right piece that will appropriately accompany her lifestyle.

Formal or Business Casual Attire


  • To look put-together, respectful, and confident
  • A bold yet unique piece of jewelry to help make the right impression  

Try our Professional Jewelry Collection:  

 Jill of All Trades

Professional Woman Who Does a Bit of Everything, Graduate, Sales or Entrepreneur


  • Versatility
  • A classic & timeless piece of jewelry appropriate for any situation life throws at them

Try the Real Pearl Station Necklace

  • Equally appropriate for business casual lunches, formal engagements, boardroom meetings, and date night with you
  • Every time they wear it, they will think of you & how you are always there for them! 

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