Think Pink! How to Wear Pink Pearl Jewelry for Empowerment

Most people are familiar with white pearl jewelry, but may have not yet discovered the unique & utterly delightful phenomenon of pink pearl jewelry.  Naturally pink freshwater cultured pearls are created primarily in the region of the mussel close to it's hinge, which typically features more cream and pink hues.  

Why Pink Pearls?

Pink pearls promote women's empowerment.  As we women know all too well, women are often criticized in the workplace for the same behaviors that men are praised for.  Professional working women, especially those in positions of power, are often accused of being "bossy" or "too aggressive" while their male counterparts are described as "assertive" or "decisive."  Pink pearls can help!  

At Bourdage Pearl Jewelry, we have a saying: "No one can be mean to you when you're wearing pink pearls!" When you've got an important presentation or meeting coming up, pink pearls have got you covered.  A multi-strand statement pearl necklace in natural hues of pink will subtly draw everyone's attention to you and help "soften the blow" of your intelligent decisions and well-prepared remarks.  


Additionally, pink pearls are magic for your complexion!  They pick up & enhance your skin tone, giving your skin a natural glow.  

Think pink & try natural pink pearls today!  Be as assertive as you want while maintaining your femininity.  Your skin & career will thank you, and you feel effortlessly sophisticated & sensual.   

Having a hard time deciding what piece of jewelry would work best for your wardrobe? We can help!  Contact us today for a free consultation at or give us a call at (773) 244-1126.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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