Four Reasons Why Pearls are the Must-Have Wedding Accessory

Pearls are a timeless accessory fit for any occasion, especially for the occasion of all occasions: your wedding day! And according to Vogue, pearls are taking center stage for the summer 2016 season as the “it” piece of wedding jewelry.

Here are the top four reasons why pearls are perfect for any wedding wardrobe:   

  1. Pearls offer unmatched versatility. Pearls can provide a subtle accent with a single strand necklace and tasteful studs. For bolder brides, layered strands or colored hues can make a major statement. Whether the look is classic or modern, pearl jewelry is available in a variety of styles.
  2. Pearls are available at all price ranges. These beauties can make a budget bride look like a million dollars, and at the same time, authentic pearls will never cheapen a look. With pearls, it’s feasible to afford the whole get-up: necklaces, earrings and even a bracelet. You can even dress your entire bridal party in pearls without breaking the bank.
  3. Pearls are perfect for your wedding day and every day. If you wear your wedding dress to work, you may get some odd looks. Your wedding pearls, on the other hand, can instantly class up a work outfit on a regular Tuesday. If you’re not one to wear pearls casually, your pearls can make an annual reappearance on your anniversary, reminding both you and your husband of that special day.  
  4. Pearls have heirloom potential. In 1983, your mother may have looked flawless in her iconic, Madonna-inspired wedding dress, but that’s hardly en vogue these days. If she wore pearls that day, chances are they would still complement any wedding dress in 2013. If she didn’t, now is the time to start a tradition that can be upheld for your daughter’s and even granddaughter’s weddings.

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