The Basics of Pearl Button Earrings



The pearl button earring is a classic, failsafe way to look elegant, smart and put together for any occasion.

Do it like European women and make sure your wardrobe includes at least one pair! 

For you guys out there who are looking for the perfect pair of earrings to buy for wives and girlfriends, let us reassure you that you cannot go wrong with a classic pair of creamy, classic and lustrous button earrings.

But before you go splashing out on her, make sure you know which sizes are available. Below is a helpful sizing guide so you can choose the perfect button! 



But for the woman who already has her classic whites, or for the lady who loves to go dark and glam when accessorizing, beautiful black buttons are the perfect gift. Angelina Jolie demonstrates beautifully how a matching necklace and button earring Tahitian pearl set looks chic and glamorous! 




For taller women, or those with wide eyes and luscious lips, you can go for the larger buttons such as these beauties. Again, Angelina Jolie (a huge fan of pearls!) shows us below how large button earrings subtly embellish a woman's features. Pearl button earrings don't need any other accessory to look great: they stand proud on their own!

Petite ladies will look gorgeous with slightly smaller sized studs such as this exquisite pair with 14K Gold backings. And sensitive ears will appreciate the 14K Gold! White pearl button earrings under 8mm are ideal for every day wear and are the most versatile. They can be given as a gift at graduation and then worn throughout her career, or even given at her baptism to last her a lifetime! 


Katie Holmes wearing 8mm pearl button earrings 
3 reasons why pearl button earrings are a fabulous gift:
1.  They can be worn with any outfit 
2.  They subtly brighten up skin tone and make you GLOW
3.  They make you feel classy and alluring

    Now go Button Up! 


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