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Customer Testimonials 

From Ariel Freeman Sanett: 

"Bourdage Pearls helped make my wedding day more beautiful! See the photo attached - all these gorgeous ladies were wearing custom Bourdage Pearls earrings - I chose a different pair for each. I was given pearl earrings from my husband as a wedding gift and wanted all the ladies to have something as special and beautiful. It was the most wonderful gift and helped them all feel beautiful and unique!

Thank you for everything and I'm desperate to have a pair made so I can wear them and relive that day always!"

From Freddi Shafkowtizt: 

"I had the best time wearing those earrings!!! And I love your store and jewelry!"

Michelle From Chicago, IL: 

"I can't say enough good things about the jewelry. I had custom made by Bourdage Pearls. I wanted something light and romantic for my destination wedding. The staff was patient and helped me make good decisions when I was getting overwhelmed by all the choices. I ended up with 3 pieces that I actually gave two away as a gifts to my maid of honor and mother at the wedding. They were overjoyed that I gave them a gem of value that made them feel very special! While shopping around, I found them to have the best quality pearls of others stores. I would highly recommend Bourdage Pearls to any bride who likes classy, quality jewelry that you can wear again and again!"

Yelp Reviews

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