About us #2 for Blog?

Sherri Bourdage founded Bourdage Pearls in 1998 when the new generation of freshwater pearls became available on the market.  

Her french motto "less is more" with great quality has driven the jewelry design.  Sherri loves to work directly with her clients to help them choose pieces that will best compliment the woman in her career, on her wedding day or to provide heirloom gifts to friends and family.  

Sherri loves teaching men about the miracle and romance of the pearl so they feel confident in choosing a gift that will be sure to bring more love into the relationship!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or stop by our Chicago showroom in the up and coming Ravenswood neighborhood - home to the mayor of Chicago!  

We consider pearls the " Woman's tie" so get dressed up, put on your pearl friends and see how people treat you like royalty! 

Pearls say Power so you don't have to!