Fun Tips for Selecting Pearl Jewelry for Your Lady May 02 2017, 0 Comments

Tip 1: Pretend you are a construction worker: Grab your tape measure. When she is out of the house or in the shower, measure the length of one of her bracelets (including clasp) or a necklace you have seen her wear recently. Add these measurements to the notepad part of your smartphone. (If you get caught with the tape measure and she asks what it is for, just say your name is Bob, start calling her Wendy and ask if there is anything in the house that needs fixing).

Tip 2: Pretend you are a peeping Tom: If you are looking for a ring, grab a piece of paper and pencil. When she is in the shower, try to get her ring and use the pencil to draw an outline of the inside of the ring. Put it in your wallet. Bring this piece of paper to the jeweler.

Tip 3: Pretend you are the Paparazzi: Take a photo of her while she is wearing one of her everyday outfits or an outfit that she has recently worn on a special occasion. Preferably the outfit will be one that you think she looks good in or a suit that gives her confidence.

Tip 4: Pretend you are a cross dresser: Go through her closet and look at the tags to see what size she wears. Make sure it is something you have seen her wear recently. Take photos. While you are at it, pretend you are a cat burglar and take photos of the jewelry she wears most often.

Tip 5: Pretend you are a talk show host: Ask her who her favorite actresses are. These answers will help you determine her personal style and inner desires.

Tip 6: Pretend you are a poet: Write down the first five adjectives that come to mind for the reasons you fell in love with her.

Tip 7: Pretend you are a pirate on a treasure hunt:  Hunt for a local reputable jeweler  (or you can call us at 773. 244. 1126 to to set up an appointment).  Give the jeweler an idea of your time frame for giving the gift and set your sails to the jeweler with your crew (yes we like the kids to be part of the design process - it will mean more to her).

Tip 8: Pretend you are the teachers pet:  On the day of appointment with jeweler, bring all of this information to the jeweler. Show her all your homework and ask her to show you some sample designs for ideas and give her a range of your budget.

Tip 9:  When you pick up the jewelry, pretend you are Walter White in Breaking Bad and find a really good hiding spot

After all of this work you have a 99% chance of feeling like James Bond at the end of his movies.

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